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Acquisition of Lecznice Citomed by LUX MED

Advisor to LUX MED on the acquisition of Lecznice Citomed from the Founders

Date: October 2020
Country: Poland
Industry: Healthcare
Target: Lecznice Citomed
Buyer (Client): LUX MED
Seller: Founders
VCP’s role/competence: buy-side M&A advisor

  • VCP acted as exclusive buy-side M&A advisor to LUX MED on the acquisition of Lecznice Citomed, the owner of six outpatient facilities and a multi-specialist hospital located in Toruń
  • Lecznice Citomed is a leading healthcare provider with a nearly 30 years presence offering specialist consultations, occupational medicine, hospital services, imaging diagnostics and dental treatment
  • VCP supported the buyer in the entire transaction process through provision of deal tactics, coordination of all advisory work streams and other ad-hoc assignments
  • Despite of very competitive process, we managed to secure exclusivity for LUX MED and the transaction was successfully conducted in the form of bilateral discussions
  • The transaction was signed in October 2020 and is subject to approval by the Polish antitrust regulator UOKiK

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