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Grupa Żywiec and Comp create JV

Grupa Żywiec and Comp create joint venture – Comp Nowoczesne Rozwiązania Sprzedażow

Date: April 2019
Country: Poland
Industry: Retail trade
Joint Venture: Comp Nowoczesne Rozwiązanie sprzedażowe S.A.
Parties: Grupa Żywiec S.A. and Comp S.A.
VCP’s role / competence: advisor to Grupa Żywiec S.A.

  • VCP has acted as advisor to Grupa Żywiec in the negotiation process with Comp leading to the creation of a joint venture named Comp Nowoczesne Rozwiązania Sprzedażowe, an entity providing POS technology to traditional trade channels
  • As a result, the parties will be able to offer merchants a wide array of value-adding support related to marketing activities and management of stock
  • The process has been successfully completed in April 2019

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